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Wascana Place

The address of Wascana Place is 2900 Wascana Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan. Located on the north side of the lake, west of Broad Street, north of the Marina, south of the Queen Building and east of Trafalgar Overlook, it is the centre of administration for Wascana Centre Authority.


The building was opened April 1, 1982 marking twenty years of progress and development within Wascana Centre under the Authority.


The main floor has over 2000 square feet of public space which can be used for a variety of activities (i.e. press conferences, private receptions, art/craft shows etc.). The recommended capacity for the main floor area is 100 people or where attendance will be random throughout the event, no maximum is suggested.


The Lecture Theatre will allow seating for 100 people. When banquet tables are used, the casual furniture is removed and tables are placed throughout the main floor with the exception of the set up area which is used for food tables.


The building is accessed from the front entrance (west facing) for event guests. Amenities supporting the event can be delivered to the north entrance where vehicles can drive directly up to the door. Vehicles must be turned off immediately to prevent carbon monoxide fumes from entering the building ventilation system.


Wascana Place is a working environment which is open to the public Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Groups renting the main floor during regular work hours should be aware that the public will be moving through to access other areas of Wascana Place.


Wascana Place is a smoke free facility.





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